Techno-Economic Reports

The following list provides the techno-economic studies that Dr. Koumaras has been commissioned in the framework of business consultancy activities. If you are interested on the full text of the listed reports, you are encouraged to fill in the following contact form.

  1. Analysis of cost effectiveness and economic gains vs constraints of NFV Applicability on the ground segment of GEO/MEO/LEO Satellite Systems. 2016
  2. Financial analysis and business plan of three virtualised Satellite Network Functions (SNFs) on NFV-enabled GEO Satellite Baseband Gateway (SBG). 2015
  3. Cost effectiveness and risk assessment of the ERP cloudfication. 2014
  4. Financial analysis and business plan of VoLTE service provision. 2013
  5. Techno-economic analysis of IPTV service provision over 3G/4G networks. 2012