YouTube 3D Player

As 3D video becomes even more popular, YouTube offers a variety of 3D options to be enabled. It is very important that these techniques are added at a post-processing phase.

Here is an example and please check by double clicking on the video the rest 3D options

YouTube experimentally supports HTML5 Video Player

HTML5 is being developed as the next major revision of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), the core markup language of the World Wide Web. The Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) started work on the specification in June 2004 under the name Web Applications 1.0. HTML5 is the proposed next standard for HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0 and DOM Level 2 HTML. It aims to reduce the need for proprietary plug-in-based rich internet application (RIA) technologies such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, Apache Pivot, and Sun JavaFX.
HTML5 introduces a number of new elements and attributes that reflect typical usage on modern Web sites. Some of them are semantic replacements for common uses of generic block (<div>) and inline (<span>) elements, for example <nav> (website navigation block) and <footer>. Other elements provide new functionality through a standardized interface, such as the <audio> and <video> elements.
YouTube supports experimentally the new HTML framework at the following address
This is an opt-in experiment for HTML5 support on YouTube. If you are using a supported browser, you can choose to use the HTML5 player instead of the Flash player for most videos. Your comments will help Youtube to improve and perfect the mixtures that is working on. It is possible to send your feedback directly to the Youtube team.

Right now Youtube HTML5 supports browsers that support both the video tag in HTML5 and the H.264 video codec.
These include:

  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari (version 4+)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer with Google Chrome Frame installed (Get Google Chrome Frame)

The following restrictions are currently applied on this testing framework:

  • Videos with ads are not supported (they will play in the Flash player)

More information on HTML5 is also available on W3C pages (please follow this link for further reading)