The Fourth International Workshop on,Perceptual Quality of Systems (PQS 2013)

PQS 2013

The Fourth International Workshop on
Perceptual Quality of Systems

Place: Kardinal König Haus, Vienna, Austria Date: September 2-4th 2013

This 2 and a half day workshop aims to bring together researchers from various fields and communities that are all related to perceptual quality. It will serve as a forum facilitating an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas between both academic and industrial researchers working on different aspects of perceptual quality of systems.

Contributions should address methodological aspects of quality and usability assessment and evaluation, the underlying perception and judgment processes involved, or the user perceived quality of particular technologies, systems or services. Suggested topics are:

· Methodologies and Methods of Quality Assessment and Evaluation · Metrology: Test Design and Scaling· Quality of Speech, Audio and Music

· Quality of Images and Video

· Quality of Haptics

· Quality of Multimodal and Multi-sensory Perception · Perceptual Quality vs. Quality of Experience vs. User Experience vs. Usability· Semio-Acoustics and -Perception

· Quality Engineering Processes

· Quality and Usability of Interactive Multimedia Services

Tentative Submission Deadline: 31.3.2013

For more information, please refer to the workshop website

Organizing Committee:

Raimund Schatz, Sebastian Egger, Sebastian Möller,

Alexander Raake, Ercan Altinsoy, Tobias Hossfeld