Participation and Presentation in the Public consultation on the FP7 ICT Work Programme 2013 for the Networked Media sector

On 23 January 2012 the Media Unit of EC INFSO had announced a public consultation workshop for the preparation of the FP7 ICT Work Programme 2013 (Objective 1.5). In the framework of this workshop, EC published a call for ideas and recommendations, based on which selected contributors invited for a short presentation at the workshop (Brussels, Belgium).

So, I got the opportunity to present also my idea, which is relative to the development of a QoE framework especially for cloud computing environments. All the presentations of the workshop are available for downloading at this web page (PRESENTATIONS).

Similarly, the final report on the public consultation for the FP7 ICT Work Programme 2013-Networked Media Systems is now uploaded in the website:


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